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malcolm in the middle. good show! i sometimes had to take a break from Breaking Bad by watching malcolm in the middle episode - its just so weird seeing Hal again in such a gritty role.



Stephanie Hutchison was born in Kitchener, Ontario and trained at Canada’s National Ballet School. She danced with Ottawa Ballet and Ballet BC before joining The National Ballet of Canada in 1997. Ms. Hutchison was promoted to First Soloist in 2003.

Here is strength.  Look at her arms and legs.  She has to dance some parts where she must appear thistle-light, yet she is all muscle, like Misty Copeland at American Ballet Theatre.  These women work damned hard to get to where they are!


Medusssssssa, for NYT’s Sunday Review a week or so back. The article was about being a crazy ex-girlfriend. 

AD Alexandra Zsigmond

WIP sketch of a watercolor painting for my Aunt. Dragonflies are pretty fun to draw! 

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Rohan family <3

Éowyn, Éomer, Théodred, Théoden :3 gonna color it later…

Cape. 1912, French. 

House of Worth.

Source: Met Museum.


I made this drawing in July, and I thought that would be cool to do something else with it .

Actually, I’m starting to explore more my old drawings to make them something new again ^^


Marc Giai-Miniets Miniature Boxes

French artist Marc Giai-Miniet constructs his intricate ‘Boxes,’ placing small characters and grim scenes inside the empty spaces where unknown events have taken place. The miniature libraries, fictional attics, laboratories, storage rooms and interrogation cells are filled mostly with books and unknown experiments.


Modern Day Witch

My piece for Light Grey Art Lab’s Skate or Die show! Available as a print or on a skateboard in the LGAL shop. And be sure to check out everyone’s amazing work from the show!

Aww man, I want that outfit. So graphical and pretty.


Anne Hathaway by Alexi Lubomirski